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”New markets are always emerging… will you exploit them, or leave them for someone else to profit from?”

You need to grow your business, gain market share and credibility - in your own local markets or in new markets overseas. How do you win sales in a new territory, profitably, and accelerate your success where others have probably failed before?
Global or Local?

No individual market can sustain all the players that want to operate in it now. So most businesses are planning to expand into new territories or markets.

Every week, surveys report that the top priority for most businesses is to develop sales overseas.

Why do it now?

You can exploit new markets, or you can leave them to your competitors to profit from them.

History tells us that plans count for nothing if they’re never put into action. The window of opportunity is always limited!

Why use SpotOne Global?

SpotOne acts as an extension to your sales force. We have local knowledge and the ability to quickly and effectively understand your business, your goals, and what’s needed to help you win sales in new markets.

We’re precise, committed, and we’re not afraid to be measured on our success.

How we work
  • Understand your business and key markets
  • Develop a business development plan with you including success criteria
  • Identify target prospects and prioritise them
  • Make focused telephone calls to achieve meetings, opportunities to tender or other sales objectives as agreed
  • Report regularly on progress, obstacles encountered, and competitive data
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We’ll spend time with you understanding your business, your ambitions, and your challenges.


Key Challenges

› Lack of local & cultural knowledge in new territories
› Finding highly skilled people to work for you in a new territory
› Start-up time to achieve valuable new business

What Are Your Objectives?

› Generate more high quality leads?
› Win new clients?
› Grow business with existing clients?
› Gain control over your sales pipeline?
› Extract more profit from your key accounts?

Our Services

› Focused sales calls to targeted prospects from buyers up to C-level
› Prospect identification
› Business development planning for expansion in to new territories
› Market research

”Africa presents a frontier for every Business and offers a prize market for investors.” – Paul Kagame, speaking at the Times CEO Africa Summit in London.

When making decisions with real impact, or selecting suppliers for critical projects, how many business owners or leaders will value what they’ve read on the Internet above what they’ve learned in person?
It’s not what we say, it’s what’s understood that matters

You need your prospects, and maybe your critics, to not only hear and read your messages, but believe and trust them too.

In the internet age, talk is cheap, and much of what is read is not valued. We all need effective ways to demonstrate our credentials and our ethos to our potential clients.

Why do it now?

It takes time to get to know your clients’ business needs, so beginning your programme of in-person marketing activities as soon as possible can give you a head-start over your competitors.

Furthermore, we all know it’s becoming increasingly important for Corpot time to address the tough questions and get your message heard – by the right people.

Why use SpotOne Global?

We know the arms-length nature of social media marketing doesn’t create trust the way a well-managed event or workshop can – especially at C-level. We also know what will secure the attention of your contacts – and what will engage with them.

We bring this knowledge and our practical experience of running events together to help you achieve your objectives – whether they are to introduce a new brand, establish executive connections, communicate credible CSR messages, develop sales potential with real buyers or to train or motivate staff.

How we work
  • Understand your brand, your objectives, your marketplace and your messages
  • Develop a brand or communications event plan
    Identify target attendees and make focused telephone calls to achieve engagement
  • Manage operational elements of the event programme including venue, facilities and catering
  • Brief your staff and prepare media or presentation materials
  • Run or host the meetings, workshops, special events or CSR briefings
  • Follow up on contacts made and nurtured
  • Report regularly on progress, obstacles encountered, and competitive data

When you’re running a conference, local experience and marketing presence really counts. Google hired SpotOne in Africa, so why don’t you?

Key Challenges

› Correctly identifying objectives that matter
› Ensuring target audiences attend events
› Developing genuinely credible CSR activities
› Ensuring brand marketing plans will deliver real results in client sales

What Are Your Objectives?

› Launch a new brand to Africa?
› Introduce a mature brand to a new territory?
› Communicate your CSR policy to a sceptical audience?
› Channel warm prospects towards conversion?
Our service starts by understanding what you need.

Our Services

› Conference Planning
› Identifying venues and negotiating rates
› Attendee recruitment
› Presenting and MC-ing
› Planning CSR programmes
› Creating brand development programmes
› Social media strategy for awareness & credibility

”Sometimes as managers we’re so busy being ‘in’ the business we don’t find time to work ‘on’ the business…”

How many companies like yours don't refresh their sales plans until recession looms? About 60% don't, some management thinkers believe. But adapting - to changing markets, changing customer expectations and new ways of doing business - is essential for survival and profit.
Looking in from the outside?

Many business managers find it hard to see their company and sales teams as customers do. This is why a specialist in sales strategy is an essential partner, helping to give a view of how markets and your customers are changing.

Why do it now?

Focusing on the most profitable markets, segments and customers is essential. Companies that have a clear strategy for their sales effort, marketing and product or service development will be able to exploit the good times when recession is over, and overtake their sleepy or lazy competitors. Which are you – sleepy or strategic?

Why use SpotOne Global?

SpotOne will give you that outside perspective, helping you to see your target customers in clearer focus.
We’ll use our market and territory expertise to build a sales strategy that will equip your sales teams and management to open opportunities, side-step your competition and focus effort on the most profitable sales accounts.

How we work
  • Understand the sales models and market characteristics in your target markets
  • Working with you, identify the sales styles, skills and tools needed to enter new territories. win new business and retain existing business
  • Develop a sales and marketing strategy which will guide prospecting, pitching, converting and servicing of the key accounts you need to win
  • Report regularly on progress, provide ongoing sales training and market updates
Want to know more?

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We’ll spend time with you understanding your business before we even begin to talk about our services!

Key Challenges

› Markets change so strategies need to adapt, frequently
› New territories and markets don’t operate like our local ones
› Executives find it difficult to achieve an ‘outside-in’ perspective
› Inexperienced sales managers often don’t plan for the longer term

What Are Your Objectives?

› Build a business plan for a new territory?
› Build a sales and service network quickly?
› Win investment or achieve stock listing ?
› Grow your sales in targeted key accounts?

Our Services

› Researching markets, identifying trends which will impact
› Developing sales plans your staff can action
› Delivering straight-talking reviews of your routes to market
› Creating territory sales growth strategies

“A sales company talking about marketing?  Yes – because it’s essential to what we all do! ”

Marketing only creates credibility in your proposals when the right message reaches the right people and and when they act on that message.
Visibility - Credibility - Profitability

You can be profitable only when your prospects see you in their market, when they believe you’re a credible partner or supplier and when your sales approach gets them at the right moment. This is why timing and market insight are essential… and why they need to connect to your sales strategy!

Why do it now?

It takes time for your marketing messages to get through. Overnight credibility is a myth, so the sooner we start using the right tools and techniques, the sooner you’ll become visible to prospects in your new markets.

Why use SpotOne Global?

Because we understand the sales dimension of technology markets, we have the right approach to deliver persuasive messages to the prospects that matter to you.

We use a combination of prospect research, targeted emails, telemarketing, relevant events, with online networking, blogging plus traditional marketing techniques to build your market credibility.

How we work
  • Identify your most relevant segments or niches and target the key players; research the people you need to be in front of
  • Working with you, construct a plan to reach these with the right messages directed to the right people – using all the techniques proven to have maximum impact and relevance
  • Develop messaging, the necessary marketing materials, build your online presence (if you haven’t already), establish visibility through social media and online tools
  • Supplement with precise telemarketing, tailored online and physical events and direct marketing
  • Report regularly on progress, provide training in using social media and networking to your sales staff
Want to know more?

10 reasons why your business needs an on-line social-networking presence
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Key Challenges

› Achieving visilbility on a modest budget requires skills many don’t have
› What works in one territory probably won’t elsewhere
› Marketing is perceived as a cost, not a value-creator
› Sales teams and marketing often don’t integrate well

What Are Your Objectives?

› Build a business plan for a new territory?
› Achieving visibility in a new market?
› Increasing market share in an established territory?
› Supporting greater penetration into large accounts?
› Defending against a new competitor?

Our Services

›  Researching markets, creating powerful marketing plans
›  Building your social media and online networking capabilities
›  Delivering targeted messaging online and by telemarketing
›  Creating sales tools and marketing materials
›  Localising your sales and marketing assets

“Establishing a partner network gets you into new territories without the cost of setting up your own operation… but choose your partners wisely…”

You need to build a partner or reseller network - in local markets or new markets overseas. Your partners need to 'get' your values, win business or support contracts for you and act as your local marketing 'ears and eyes'.
Just friends or in business together?

Lack of specialist knowledge or professionalism will damage your reputation when your new partners go to your market on your behalf.

How do you select and train the partners who’ll share your vision and service values?

Why do it now?

Increasingly in technology markets, contracts for supply or service are awarded regionally or globally. If you can’t deliver your service (or support your products) beyond your borders you’ll be losing to competitors with networks in place.

Waiting till a contract is on the table isn’t a strategy!

Why use SpotOne Global?

SpotOne becomes your dedicated partner recruitment and development division.

We’ll use our market and territory knowledge to help you design a partner plan to match the opportunities. Our experience in technology markets gives us a head start in finding and recruiting viable partners.

How we work

› Understand the sales opportunities or requirements for after-sales service in your chosen markets
› Work with you to identify the optimum shape and size of a partner network; agree an ideal partner specification with you
› Research and interview suitable candidates on your behalf
› Run partner on boarding programmes to train your chosen partners
› Report regularly on progress, provide ongoing monitoring and support in territory

Want to know more?

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Case Study

Key Challenges

› Identifying suitable partners occupies much executive time
› Reputations can be damaged by the wrong partners
› Contract law differs around the world
› Channel management is a specialist job

What Are Your Objectives?

› Enter a new territory with a full service portfolio?
› Generate new business quickly?
› Win global contracts, not just local ones?
› Expand your service capacity without increasing staff?
› Reduce your cost of providing service?

Our Services

› Researching candidates to your brief and prioritising
› Establishing suitability through interviews and tele-conferences
› Creating channel development plans
› Providing ongoing support and partner monitoring

“Having skilled sales people with the right cultural and professional experience is critical to entering new territories profitably…”

You need your sales teams to perform better than your competitors' people. How do you make sure your valuable sales people are equipped to succeed in new markets, or new territories?
Familiar ground or new grass?

Poor cultural knowledge, the wrong people or lack of professionalism will cost you sales, increase the time to become profitable and can damage your reputation.

If you’re entering a new market how do you hire and train the right sales staff quickly without wasting time, opportunities and money?

Why do it now?

We all have competitors in at least some of our markets. To win you need to beat your competitors on prospecting, credibility, accurate costing and tendering, and on after-sales service. As we said before, the window of opportunity is limited!

Why use SpotOne Global?

Spot One becomes the cost-effective training division of your company.
We’ll build a picture of what’s required to secure new business from customers in your industry, and work with your sales people to understand their capabilities and weaknesses.

We have many years experience in addressing technology markets and we understand the sales cycle intimately.

How we work
  • Understand the sales models in your sectors and territories
  • Work with your sales people and managers to identify their needs and experience
  • Develop a training programme with you, with clear goals and measurements
  • Run courses, individual sessions, role-plays, set challenging but educational scenarios and focus on developing relevant skills and attitudes for your sector
  • Report regularly on progress and provide evidence of your sales executives’ development
Want to know more?

Get in touch, or come and see us at one of our events.

We’ll spend time with you understanding your sales opportunities, your future goals, and your challenges.

Key Challenges

› Sales people lack local & cultural knowledge of new territories
› Finding the right people to work for you in a new territory quickly
› Minimising start-up time to achieve valuable new business wins

What Are Your Objectives?

› Generate profitable business in new territories?
› Increase the effectiveness of your existing sales team?
› Build a more professional team?
› Retain and develop your key sales people?

Our Services

› Developing skills of your new or existing sales people
› Building cultural awareness and professionalism
› Cultivating a prioritised profitable approach
› Providing ongoing support and mentoring