We are a global consultancy business. We help technology companies to identify a new market, generate leads, increase revenue and set a foothold in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Your Partner In Technology

We are your partner of choice in technology, we can help you attract new markets, set up in a new territory, build the capabilities of your sales people or exploit the latest marketing and social media techniques.

About Us

SpotOne Global Solutions specialises in helping major technology companies to develop their businesses, enter new markets, find partners in unknown territories and win new profitable business confidently.

Our Focus

Unlike most business development and consultancy companies, we focus on finding technology solutions for our clients. This gives us the vital knowledge to really accelerate your growth and take you into unknown territories where you are scale.

Our Mantra

This is our mantra – we use the right skills to achieve the right results by targeting the right people with the right messages. Explore our website, contact us, or come and meet us at one of our events…


The African continent is booming with exciting business opportunities, but it is still challenging to do business if you do not have the right local partners and know-how on the ground. At Spotone Global, we consider our mission a commitment to our customers which are governments, businesses, civil society and investors. We deliver on that commitment by enabling reliable technology relationships.

SpotOne Global provides you with the services you need to win sales, recruit partners, grow your business and achieve market presence in new territories – in Europe, Asia and Africa. We use our skills to help you prioritise your markets, identify target prospects, achieve credibility and win sales opportunities.

Key Skills at SpotOne
  • Business Development

  • Prospect Generation Services

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Partner Recruitment

  • Channel Building

  • Advisory Consulting

  • Talent Recruitment
  • Lead and Pipeline Management

Our Business Insights
  • Interim Management

  • Training and Coaching

  • Business Intelligence

  • Marketing

  • Digital Communication

  • Data Management

  • Marketing Strategy and Communication

  • Brand and Social Media Monitoring


Most SpotOne Global Solutions clients have three things in common:


They are planning or are already developing a presence in overseas markets – Africa, Europe or the USA.


They are believers in technology and marketing precision.


They have ambitious goals and are prepared to use the right partners to achieve these goals.